What inspired you to become an author?

I’m from Sri Lanka, a land of tea and gems, a country with a lot of historical heritage. My home is surrounded by land with coconut, mango guava, banana and jackfruit trees as well as vast paddy fields growing rice which is something beautiful to look at every morning. The calm and quiet nature of the beautiful country initially inspired me to write. When I was a little older, I moved to Abu Dhabi which gave me a new influx of inspiration for my writing. I believe it’s the two different but vibrant countries of the UAE and Sri Lanka that inspired me to become an author.

What is your favorite type of literature to write?

My favorite type of literature to write is poetry, I enjoy the melody of the words and the stories I can convey through this type of writing. My first poetry book was titled Village by the River and another one published is titled Prisoner, both are a collection of 30 poems. 

As a child did you dream of having a book published?

When I was a child, I did have a talent for creative writing and my mother who was a journalist always encouraged me and told me to follow my dreams. My mother is the reason that today I am the author of the five books.

When was your first book published?

My first book was published in 2012 titled Village by the river

What advice would you give to students who are aspiring authors?

I would encourage students to be imaginative, creative and write something different. It’s important to have a unique story that no one has shared, this will always make a good book and even a best seller.

Do you have any other insights to share?

I had the privilege to hand over my children’s story titled Candy Town to the fifth president of Sri Lanka. I was also pleased that a leading publisher from India published my novel titled Sky and the Sea - a novel based on a little girl who lost everything in her life after the tsunami engulfed a city in Sri Lanka. I’m currently working on a novel and illustrating another book which I hope to publish at the end of this year.