Dwight School Dubai faculty are expected to be

  • Committed to inspiring, developing and igniting the spark of genius in every student in relation to diversity of learner characteristics and needs.  

  • Outstanding role models who embody Dwight School and the UAE’s cultural heritage, values and vision.  

  • Excellent classroom managers who create learning environments that are safe, supportive and motivating to all learners.  

  • Committed to personal and professional ethics, exemplified by integrity, respect, fairness and commitment, with excellent organisational and interpersonal skills.  

  • Professional collaborators and communicators with students, parents and colleagues in order to inspire and support progressive learning.  

  • Experienced at incorporating appropriate resources and making innovative use of learning technology.  

  • Actively using varied assessments to inform teaching, evaluating student progress and providing guidance for furthering students’ knowledge, skills and understanding.  

  • Responsible for own professional growth by reflecting on performance, identifying development needs driven by up-to-date educational research, best-practice pedagogical approaches to teaching and learning, planning and proactively engaging in relevant professional development.  

  • Formally qualified to teach the IB PYP/MYP programmes with minimum two years of relevant teaching experience.  

  • Experienced in the best global educational practices and coherent instructional design of the PYP/MYP programmes. 

Dwight School Dubai offers our faculty

  • Open-ended contracts with attractive salary and benefits package.

  • Entrepreneurial, creative and supportive team spirit.  

  • Excellent professional growth and development programme.  

Why Dubai?

Dubai is one of the world’s most sought out destinations for work and leisure. People are attracted to this locale for its year-round sunshine, intriguing deserts, beautiful beaches and a thriving community united in responsibility, destiny, knowledge, prosperity and with a vision to develop a sustainable and competitive knowledge economy and a first-rate education system.

Our Current Vacancies

All current vacancies are listed on Dwight School Dubai's TES page

Please Note: All current job vacancies within Dwight School Dubai are listed on TES. Job vacancies listed on external websites that do not also appear on this page are fraudulent.

Dwight School Dubai will never require candidates to send money for application fees, interview fees, visas, plane tickets, or other costs associated with recruitment or moving to Dubai.

We will not ask potential candidates for information related to bank accounts or other private information. If you have been asked to send money to cover such costs, you may be the target of a scam.