The arts are integral to a Dwight education. Beginning in our Preschool with exposure to the fundamentals, and continuing through Grade 12 with deeper learning in history, theory, and technique, students are exposed to the arts and learn to appreciate them from a global perspective.

Students may discover that their spark of genius lies in the arts, and through scheduled classes and our After School Activities Program, they have ample opportunities to develop their talents and express themselves through music, theater, dance, and the visual arts.

Whether a student actor, a dancer, a soloist or part of an ensemble, orchestra, band, or chorus, students perform on campus and Arts and at leading global venues. One treasured tradition is the concert at Carnegie Hall in New York, where students have the opportunity to audition to perform alongside their peers from Dwight’s global campuses at this annual concert. Starting from 2019 this grand music performance goes global and will be hosted every other year at a stage in either Dubai, London, Seoul or Shanghai and every other year at Carnegie Hall in New York.

Visual Arts

The visual arts programme stimulates young imaginations, challenging perceptions and developing creative and analytical skills. It is Dwight’s philosophy that all young people are artists, and we strive to inspire their artistic expression through access to as many disciplines and forms as possible.

At Dwight, we believe that all students learn most successfully in a safe, nurturing environment; an environment where they are not afraid to take risks and make mistakes, where the processes of inquiring, experimenting, and collaborating are more important than the product produced. Above all, the visual arts program at Dwight Dubai serves to develop innovative thinking and creative use of technologies, and in so doing, prepares students to participate fully in this multifaceted world.

Performing Arts

The Theater Program is focused on two primary avenues of learning: the IB Theater Arts curriculum and the extensive production calendar. Dwight theater students experience a rigorous and rewarding program based on the professional model. Productions each season include classics, world-theater, and modern plays, as well as musicals and original student works. These productions and classes offer students the opportunity to develop specific individual interest while gaining invaluable practical experience in acting, musical theater, and stagecraft.


Music is truly an international language. Dwight’s goal for music education is to establish a strong foundation that allows students to carry music through the rest of their lives, either as dedicated performers or as enthusiastic audience members.

PreK – KG2

The Early Years music program combines singing, basic note reading, and an introduction to keyboard, orchestral, and percussion instruments, with music games, listening, and other hands-on activities.

PYP Music Grades 1 – 5

The ultimate goal of music education in our Primary Years Programme (PYP) is to create a solid foundation of vocal music along with strong music notation and note reading skills. Every student has the opportunity to play an instrument in an ensemble setting. Our Grade 5 students write and produce their very own song for the PYP Exhibition.

MYP Music Grades 6 – 10

Students in grades 6 - 10 receive a comprehensive education in the history and theory of Western classical music as well as a cultural understanding of Arabic music traditions. Our students have an opportunity to explore the many changes in musical composition and performance in each era. Our MYP core curriculum is oriented toward helping students learn how to listen to and understand music.