Our Campus

Our Sprawling green campus located within Dubai Sports City offers our students a truly unique learning environment. With individual building for each section of the school and customised facilities for each age group we are able to support the spark of genius within each child in the best way possible.

Spark Tank

Spark Tank is Dwight's incubator, a program designed to nurture student innovation, entrepreneurship, and leadership skills beyond the classroom. All Dwight students can participate in the Spark Tank Program to develop their ideas for new businesses, non-profits, or products.

Dwight is one of the only K-12 schools in the UAE to offer this incubator experience. We believe that the next “big ideas” will come from the under-18 sector. Spark Tank provides students with real-life experience and essential skills beyond academics and theory, so they can pursue their dreams now rather than at some uncertain time in the future.

Performing Arts Centre

Our large auditorium which seats up to 400 people, fitted out with professional grade lighting and sound technology, is the heart of out Performing Arts Centre. The centre also consists of a recording studio, music recital rooms, large music classrooms, drama classrooms and individual music practice rooms.


We have two libraries within our campus, one dedicated to junior readers and one for seniors. The libraries are both located within central areas of the building so that students can visit throughout the day. Our collection totals over 7,000 books, including a wide variety of fiction in English, Arabic, Mandarin, German, French and Spanish. We also subscribe to a variety of digital publications and have a solid academic research database.

Swimming Pools

The school has a 25 meter outdoor pool and a shallow training pool for young learners. The pools are covered by sun shades, and conveniently positioned near the boys and girls changing rooms.

Sports Facilities

We provide our students multiple outdoor courts, a prctise football pitch and full sized indoor wooden floored basketball court. Alongside our internal provisions we also have access to an enormous array of sporting facilities and expert coaches with our direct access to the sports city hub of facilities.


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Basketball Court

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Practice Pitch