Each Dwight School Dubai family is entitled to refer three new families and will receive a 5% discount per family referral applied to the annual fees of the youngest child enrolled.

Terms and conditions:

  • Please note that a referral is only considered successful if the referred student has met the school admission criteria, accepted the school place offer, supplied all required documentation, and paid their first term's fees.  

  • The 5% referral discount per family will be adjusted against the referrers 2nd term's fees

  • If the fees have been paid in full this 5% will be held on account for future adjustments

  • Joining students cannot be from the same Corporate as the Referrer

  • The discount is only applicable for one academic year

  • The discount will be applied to the youngest sibling if the Referrer has more than one child  enrolled at the school

  • A parent can refer up to a maximum of 3 families.  

Referral Form