Campuses And Global Network

Dwight Global Network

Dwight School New York is the founding campus of the global network of Dwight Schools. With international schools in London, Seoul, Shanghai and Dubai, each one of our Dwight schools shares a mutual commitment — ‘igniting the spark of genius’ in every one of our students.

Being a part of a global network of schools, our students enjoy a multitude of benefits and opportunities such as travel and exchange programs, cross-campus curricular and creative collaborations, online learning programs, international athletic and performing arts competitions, an opportunity to perform at Carnegie Hall and global youth leadership conferences.

Our Schools

For those students who wish to attend our school but are unable to physically do so, we provide the best of Dwight on our online campus — Dwight Global Online School. This is our initiative to provide top quality education to learners all over the world.

Dwight Global Online School

With close to 150 years of experience in innovation to build on, the Dwight Global Online School was founded with the aim of being a school for the future and is committed to igniting the “spark of genius” in young and bright minds all around the world.

Through Dwight Global Online School, we provide students from grades 7-12 with all the best elements of a day school and online learning by combining real-time video conference seminars, individual online tutorials, and optional residential experiences.

Dwight Global is not an “online school for the 21st century,” but a school for the future — our “campus in the cloud”. It is committed, at its core, to being a school without limitations designed to eliminate the need to make binary choices (online/in person or day/boarding) that have historically dominated the educational landscape.

Dwight Global Online School embraces different forms of instructional modes, online, in person and residential, and uses them to optimize learning for students. We recognize that there are limitations to pure online schools and therefore, we do not try to force everything into an online framework. The goal of our online school is providing an unrivalled education for our students all over the world.