As technology continues to transform our world, disrupt markets, and reshape the nature of doing business every day, there is an urgent need for education to respond. Dwight School Dubai is answering the call by blazing a trail for innovation and technology as a means of aiding instruction and also a tool to enhance the entire learning process.

Teachers transform the hardware and software of technology into interactive tools that take teaching and learning to the next level. Once students begin to understand the implications of digital literacy and the potential of technology for research and communication, learning becomes something much more than an hour in a classroom.

Features in the school such as the MakerSpace for Early Years and PYP students and the Spark Tank for PYP and MYP students enables young inquirers to excel. Students make use of these creative, incubator experiences which fuel even more collaboration and creativity — we are proud to be the school of the future today.


Cultivating Entrepreneurship Through the IB

The International Baccalaureate — recognized as the “gold standard” worldwide in pre-university preparation — is the ideal framework for educating entrepreneurs.

With inquiry as the cornerstone of the curriculum, IB teachers champion independent thinking and empower students to drive their own learning, instilling confidence to go down their own paths and become risk takers.

Dwight, which has long been on the forefront of the IB, continues to innovate by integrating IB values with unique opportunities for students to take on new challenges and develop an entrepreneurial mindset.



Preparing Graduates for Jobs of the Future

Today’s graduates are entering a global world in which the rate of technological change is fast and furious, and the future of the workplace is yet unimagined.

While tomorrow's career paths remain uncarved, we can prepare students to embrace whatever opportunities await by teaching them skills that go beyond academics or mastering the latest technology: brainstorming, designing, collaborating, problem-solving, and innovating. 

These entrepreneurial skills, coupled with flexibility, perseverance, resilience, and resourcefulness, are essential to success in the competitive marketplace and in life. We teach these skill sets and nurture these character traits within and beyond the classroom.