Parents play a vital role in the academic success of their students.
Because parents are a very important part of the Dwight community, we make every effort to promote parent communication and involvement. Whether you are parents of new or returning students, we hope your experience with Dwight School Dubai is positive and rewarding.

Parents Association Information

Dwight’s Parents’ Association is a volunteer organization that provides a focal point for the school community. The Parents’ Association (PA) plays a vital role in Dwight School Dubai’s community building efforts and educational objectives. Parent volunteers are essential to furthering the school and the PA’s joint mission to build a responsible, global-minded community and ignite the spark of genius in every child. We look forward to all parents in every grade volunteering their time and participating in PA and school-sponsored events.

By getting involved with the PA, parents have the opportunity to meet other parents, impact Dwight School Dubai life, and become vital members of the Dwight community. These volunteer opportunities enrich our children’s learning experience and facilitate communication among students, teachers, and parents. We are convinced that students are more enthusiastic about learning when they know that their parents are involved in school life.

Activities organized by the PA may include various forms of celebrations, festivities, book fairs and cultural events. The Parent Association also collaborates with the school to support arts, drama and musical productions and assist with sporting events.

Parents interested in becoming more involved or who have any questions are invited to email.

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